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2017-03-07 07:55 pm

Hightown Funk - Letter to the Author/Artist

Custom Hawke
Name: Evanna
Appearance: Like the default, she's super pale, has bright blue eyes, and black hair. Unlike the default, her hairstyle is the shoulder-length one that's tied back in a tiny, low ponytail with side bangs, and her face shape is a little wider and rounder she looks a little like Lucy Lawless imo... omg I just realized I could upload a picture.)

Prompt 1: Hawke and Varric share a tender moment. I know neither of them really wear their hearts on their sleeves and would rather tell an awkward joke or make an offhanded comment to distance themselves from their feelings, but I'd like to see something soft between them, something that isn't them joking or fighting or about sexual attraction. Perhaps something after Leandra dies, or maybe after Hawke returns to Skyhold.

Please don't include other conflicting relationships, like Hawke/Fenris or Hawke/Anyone. It can be a good kind of angst but I'd rather nothing like that come between them!

Prompt 2: Their relationship seen through the eyes of Merrill... just because I think that would be hilarious. This one would be better as a fic but I could see a cute comic working out too!